Handmade Veg Tanned Full Grain Bovine Leather Bifold Card Wallet in Tan with an analogue wrist watch and a pine cone

How to Find A Good Quality Leather Wallet?

Ditch your old wallet on the verge of falling apart. Learn to the best handmade leather wallets that lasts. Become a wallet connoisseur in minutes.

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Black and While Movie Still from The Godfather used as a Blog image - The Bicyclist

Different types of Men’s Wallets Based on Personality

The type of wallet you carry can say a lot about your personality. Read on to find out what kind of wallet would suite your personality.

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a pair of Full Grain Handmade Leather bifold coin wallet from 'The Bicyclist' top wallet standing up and bottom wallet laying flat

How Do I Choose a New Wallet?

Your wallet reveals more about you than you think! And it's more than just an accessory, Read on to find out what you should consider and look out for before buying one.

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Materials for a Wallet

What material are used to make a wallet? Discover the material and that is a perfect fit for your style! Canvas, nylon, leather & more - find your ideal choice. Click to learn more!

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