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Card Holder in Tan

Card Holder in Tan

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Introducing The Bicyclist's Tan Leather Card Holder:

  • Handcrafted from full-grain leather and lined with luxurious sheepskin, this card holder exudes quality and refinement.
  • More than a fleeting giveaway, it's a luxury gift designed for daily use and cherished possession.
  • Timeless design meets brand recognition: Emboss your company logo for powerful, lasting impressions every time the cardholder is used.

Beyond fleeting trends, this business promotional merchandise offers:

  • Enduring value: A gift that lasts, reinforcing your brand message with each use.
  • Quality and attention to detail: Communicate your commitment to excellence through a premium product.
  • Resonance with your target audience: Values like quality and craftsmanship resonate deeply in these industries.

Make a statement that sets you apart. Choose The Bicyclist's Tan Leather Card Holder as your premium business promotional merchandise.


Height: 11cm | Width: 7cm | Depth: 1.5cm


30 g


Material: Full-grain Veg-tanned leather with a beautiful natural texture. 

Lining: Soft, Nappa Sheep Leather lining.

No of Cards: 20


Care Guide

How to clean & maintain leather bags?

  • In case of light scratches, clean the surface with a soft cloth. Apply a drop of baby lotion on the cloth and gently rub over the scratch in a circular motion.
  • To prevent spillages always carry liquids like moisturizer, lotion, or sanitizer in a sealed plastic pouch.
  • Do not overfill or stretch your leather bag more than its carrying capacity to prevent its shape from getting distorted.
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