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What is a tote?

A large bag with two handles that can be carried on your shoulder. It is usually made out of a sturdy fabric or leather. Since its introduction more than a century ago, it has become more than just a bag or an accessory, it has become a personal statement, an expression of your identity. Totes are designed to carry a lot of your daily essentials whenever you are stepping out of your home for work going to the gym, visiting a friend's place, or even going out for a short vacation. 

The word tote bag comes from the word ‘tote’, In the early 20th century “to tote” meant to carry something from one point to another. Earlier tote bags used to be just square or rectangular bags with handles, but now with their- different uses, they can be securely zipped up, and they contain a number of different pockets to keep all your things organized. 

What are tote bags used for?

Simple cotton Tote bags are famously used as reusable shopping bags, a replacement for plastic bags. But they have evolved in their functionality and purpose over the years. There are tote bags that can be used as your office bag to carry all your important things for a work day.

Other uses for this kind of bag are a tote gym bag or a tote purse to carry your wallet, keys, and sunglasses tote bags can also be used as a storage unit to keep your clothes, and home linen. Picnic totes are a popular alternative to picnic baskets, Beach totes are perfect to carry your dry or wet clothes whenever you make a trip down to the beach. Travel totes are large yet lightweight bags that are designed for easy access and have a lot of storage capacity to carry the essentials that you might need and more for a flight or a long road trip.

Overnight tote bags are even bigger and can used to carry your clothes, toiletries, or anything that you might need for a short trip. Overnight totes are designed to be lightweight easy to carry and fashionable, so that you don't have to worry about carrying around a large suitcase or a trolly around. 


What are tote bags made of?

Tote bags were originally made out of thick canvas now there is a variety of materials are used to make tote bags. The material of the tote bag depends on its use.

Formal structured office or work totes are made out of luxurious materials like leather and they look very chic with clean lines and a minimal design. A bit casual or peppy tote bags with street style aesthetics are made out of a variety of colored canvas, polyester, or nylon making them easy to handle, lightweight, and they don't get dirty easily. Beach totes or picnic totes are usually made out of jute or palm fiber called Rattan that are woven in a type of weave called wicker and gives the feel of a picnic basket. The tote bags that are used for your grocery shopping are usually made out of cotton and are of a large size, they are extremely lightweight and easy to clean in the washing machine. 

What to put in a tote bag?

The volume of space, ease of access, and versatility of this kind of bag means depending on the use you can carry a lot of different things. All tote bags are not the same, it depends on the size and the type of material your tote bag is made out of. 

If you are traveling long distances, you can carry a canvas or leather book tote. They are large and you can stuff them with, a scarf, bottles of water, maybe some snacks, your wallet, sunglasses, a pouch or two, a Kindle, or a tablet for entertainment. 

In case you are going out to get some groceries an oversized large cloth tote would be a better choice to stuff things in and not be worried about getting it dirty. 

When you plan to go out for work a tote handbag is always a stylish, formal, and chic accessory that can go well with most outfits. Make sure that the tote bag has a lot of pockets or compartments so that it becomes easy for you to keep all your essentials like your makeup bag, pen case, notepad, cell phone, tissues, cell phone accessories, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and anything else you might need during the day in an organized manner.

If you are a student going to school or university a simple canvas tote bag is an ideal choice to carry your books, earphones, some snacks, notebooks, stationary, files, headphones, and reading or sunglasses. 

What you carry in a tote bag totally depends on your needs and the activity you plan to carry your tote bag for. Whether it's for work, travel, shopping, or leisure, a tote bag provides the space and the versatility to carry all your essentials in a comfortable way with ease of access. 


Different types of tote bags

Depending on the type of material, the design, and the form of a tote bag, there are several different styles of Tote bags out there that can be used for different purposes. 

  1. Cloth Tote: this is the simplest form of a tote bag. Mostly used to carry your groceries or carry around your essentials for small errands, these bags have been used extensively as a promotional tote and have become a cultural icon along with jeans, the t-shirts, and sneakers.  
  2. Canvas Tote: a tote bag used to haul around everything from your books to the things you might need when you take your dog out for a walk. From a teenager to a 50-year-old shopper, this bag suits everyone with equal flair. 
  3. Slouchy Leather Tote: a relaxed and casual form of a tote bag. This type of tote bag cannot hold a form on its own but has a lot of carry capacity. They are usually open without a zipped closure and are perfect to be used when you hit the gym or are in the mood to keep things casual but functional.
  4. Book Tote: usually made out of fabric, this type of tote is in between a slouchy tote and a structured tote. They don't have a zipped closure either but they have a structured form that gives it a more formal look and is easier to keep things organized. These types of totes are great for days when you have a bunch of different things official or otherwise that need to be done that will take you hopping from one place to the other.
  5. Structured Tote: Mostly made with leather, these types of totes are formal bags that are best suited for your workplace. The firm structure gives a serious and professional outlook that are also designed to hold your work essentials like laptop and tablets securely. They usually have a zipped closure with a lot of pockets to keep you organized and efficient all day long.  

The Bicyclist Tote Bag Collection.

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