A pair of Handmade Full Grain Bifold Leather Wallet with Coin Pouch

How Do I Choose A New Wallet?

Its Never Just a Wallet.

Ever wonder what your wallet whispers about you behind your back? It might not be as chatty as your pet parrot, but that worn-out wallet tells a story. Reaching into the pocket after a work lunch or a romantic date, the type of wallet you pull out makes a subtle statement about yourself. 

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Is it a bulging behemoth overflowing with receipts from 2012, a slim old and trusted bifold, or a minimalist card wallet that screams, I only carry essentials? 


The truth is, your wallet is a silent judge, always making a subtle statement about you, without you ever having to speak a word. So what kind of a personality would you like to reflect through your wallet? 


 George Costanza's Wallet - Seinfeld.




Consider your wallet as a long-term investment.

Let's face it, wallets are workhorses, not disposable fashion statements. So unless you plan on pairing up and carrying a new wallet every day based on your outfit, a good wallet will stick with you through thick and thin. 

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A trusted accessory that will witness every purchase, every coffee run, and every emergency bill. Would you trust a flimsy accessory to hold your essentials in the middle of a chaotic rush? Probably not. 

A row of newly made handcrafted Bifold leather card wallets

The Bicyclist - A row of Bifold Leather Wallet 


Investing in a quality piece ensures it will weather the years alongside you becoming a worn cherished part of your everyday life and the ideal extension of your personality.  

So what should you look for when purchasing a wallet? 


Look for a Simple Wallet.

Don't be fooled by fancy flashy designs that scream “Look at me!” - they might be hiding more than a magician's secret. (think cheap materials and sneaky shortcuts). Simplicity is the secret weapon of a well-made wallet.  

Pair of Hand Crafted Leather Wallet - The Bicyclist


A clean design lets the quality of the leather shine through, like a perfectly tailored suit that speaks volumes without needing a single button to shout. The beauty lies in its versatility. A simple leather wallet with a classic silhouette transcends trends. 

It transitions seamlessly from boardroom meetings to rooftop bars, never looking out of place.


Sure there is a world of color and textures to explore, but a timeless design ensures your wallet complements your style and does not overpowers it. With a simple design, you have the freedom to express yourself subtly. Achieving that elusive “modest luxury” that speaks volumes without any words. 



Go for a Slimmer Wallet

Cash may be clinging on to the throne for dear life, but plastic and digital payments are the new royalty. Large wallets with multiple cash compartments are a thing of the past.

Slim yet sturdy Card Wallet in Maroon - The Bicyclist


When looking for a new wallet, ditch the thought of the bulging behemoth that resembles a cushion. The larger the wallet, the more the temptation to stuff it with forgotten receipts. Those large wallets can also wreck your posture! Studies even link them to a condition called “Wallet neuritis” a fancy way of saying chronic back pain for men.

Always be on the lookout for sleek new wallet designs that slide effortlessly into any pocket without bulging. They should be thin enough to slide two fingers into your pocket and pull out the wallet effortlessly. 

Photo by Geoffrey Crofte on Unsplash


A slim wallet is the epitome of organization and efficiency - a statement of streamlined sophistication that whispers “I’ve got this.”



Having a spare Wallet helps.

Who says your wallet needs to be a one-man show? Having a backup wallet can help to extend the lifespan of your favorite leather companion. Once you have your eyes on that precious wallet, look for a partner for that wallet. Alternating your wallet once every few months helps you maintain your wallet.

Top wallet has been used for 5 years, bottom wallet is the same design in new condition. 


Declutter all the old ATM receipts and bills, and the pocket lint graveyard along with expired credit or debit cards, and unwanted visiting cards. Clearing out and giving your leather wallet a rest and moisturizing the surface, also helps the leather relax and rejuvenate itself.


This decluttering and cleaning ritual not only keeps your wallet in shape but can also be surprisingly therapeutic. There is a certain satisfaction in taking care of the things you value as you rediscover all the cool features and the marks of craftsmanship that drew you to your wallet in the first place. 



Expensive Wallet Does Not Mean Good Quality.

Ever wonder why a wallet can cost anywhere from ₹200 - ₹3500? The truth is a hefty price tag doesn't always guarantee top quality (What to look for in a top-quality Wallet).



Many factors influence the price, think of it like an iceberg: the tip you see is the price, but below the surface lies a whole lot more. There are material costs, sure, but also rent, salaries, marketing, utility bills, logistics, shipping, and profit margins for everyone involved, from the manufacturer to the store you buy it from. 


Bigger brands often have a bigger iceberg. They can afford flashier marketing campaigns and swankier stores, which can inflate the price of their designs. Though this doesn't necessarily mean their wallets are bad, it might mean that the craftsmanship and the material are not what they should be for the price. 


They might be paying more attention to marketing than product quality and that you are paying extra for the brand name, not just the materials and craftsmanship. 


Smaller brands and businesses on the other hand can be nimble and focus on more quality than anything else as that is the sole driving factor for the value of our work. 

A Leather Craftsman Working Wallets at our Studio - The Bicyclist


With less overheads, we can dedicate more attention to focus on the detail and use higher-quality materials while our price point might seem similar, you will be getting a wallet built to last a lifetime, not just a season. 

However, this doesn't mean every small brand is a winner - do your research! 


A Quality Wallet is an Investment not an Expense. 

  • Your wallet is your potential statement piece.
  • Don't settle for a bulky behemoth, go for a slimmer wallet. 
  • Simplicity is the key to quality, don’t get drawn to flashy imposters.
  • Having a spare wallet helps. 
  • Invest in a quality piece that will last a lifetime, not just the brand name.


Handmade Leather Wallet in Black - The Bicyclist


Now that all secrets to wallet wisdom are unlocked, remember, it is not about chasing trends or the biggest brand name.

Invest in quality that will stand the test of time. Get a wallet that reflects your personality and says “I have got this” with every smooth pull from your pocket.

A good quality wallet in one that will weather the years alongside you, becoming a cherished part of your story. Embrace a streamlined silhouette that says you’re organized, efficient, and ready to conquer the day.

Happy Wallet Hunting.

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