Types of Wallet for Men, Olive green and Orange Handmade Leather Wallets for Men with Coin Pouches

Different types of Men’s Wallets Based on Personality

 Handmade Veg Tanned Full Grain Bovine Leather Bifold Card Wallet in Tan with an analogue wrist watch and a pine cone
A Classic Handcrafted Bifold Leather Card Wallet in Tan - The Bicyclist

Wallets - More than just a mundane object.

A seemingly inconsequential little object that sits in our pockets and our bags most of the time. Yet they form an intimate part of our identity. Personally, carrying a wallet gives us a feeling of independence, security, and confidence. Socially it is a silent statement that you made it in the world, defining your character and identity among the people you interact with. 

The Bicyclist Old Leather Bifold Leather Wallet Photograph tossed up in the air

Photo by Ethan Rougon on Unsplash



Stories by a Wallet

A Man’s Wallet tells many tales, the cluttered cash, old receipts, handwritten notes, or maybe a photograph or two tucked into the deep folds of our micro world. The type of a wallet, its size, material, design, color, finish, and quality give an indication to the world, of the kind of person we are by the way carry, maintain, and organize our currencies in them.

Photograph of an old used leather wallet with a bottle of beer - The Bicyclist

Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

As psychologists put it, a subconscious projection of our minds is reflected in the most mundane aspects of our lives, and a wallet, as ordinary as it might seem, is one of them.




Black and While Movie Still from The Godfather used as a Blog image - The Bicyclist

“The Godfather,” directed by Francis Coppola, which was released on March 24, 1972. - Paramount Pictures/Getty Images


A Mob Boss, a Romantic or an Adventurer? 

So what's your pick going to be? An old-school Black Long Wallet carried by the Boss of Bosses Don Vito Corleone or are you more of the classic mid-century type of a person like Donald Draper from Mad Men with a Light Tan Bifold wallet?


A photograph of the character Donald Draper from the TV Series Madmen used as a Blog Image - The Bicyclist

"Mad Men Character, Don Draper, In Deep Thought, Representing The High-stress Advertising World Of Madison Avenue In The 1960s."

- Lionsgate Television


Or do you see yourself carrying a compact, simple bifold card wallet by the very loveable Ted Moseby?

A photograph from the sitcom How I met Your Mother with the character Ted Moseby and Zoey sitting together on the pavement used - The Bicyclist

"Zoey And Ted Seated On The Pavement While Staring At Each Other, Sitcom Series How I met Your Mother"

- Bays & Thomas Productions and 20th Century Fox Television



Maybe you are the adventurous type “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” and would prefer a Tri-fold wallet made famous by Mr. Waltter Mitty and his Secret Life. 

Movie Poster from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with an image of Walter running with a grey briefcase

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a 2013 American adventure comedy-drama film directed, co-produced by and starring Ben Stiller and written by Steve Conrad



Express More than Words

Picking out a wallet is a very personal choice, some might insist on functionality, some would like to be modern and chic, and others might want their wallets to reflect their style and aesthetic.

Photograph of a used leather bifold wallet kept next to an open map, a cup of coffee and a pair of glasses - The Bicyclist

Photo by Keyur Hardas on Unsplash



We have compiled a list of different types of wallets to help you choose ‘The One’ that silently portrays your nature, your personality, and the identity you would like to carry.

You could also use this to help you pick out the ideal wallet for your loved one as a gift. Match the personality of the person you would like to gift with the wallet and you have the perfect gift for them.

Pair of Ocher Leather Bifold Leather Wallets from The Bicyclist with coin pouch kept standing next to each other

The Bicyclist Wallets and Card Holder CollectionHandcrafted Leather Wallets.


So Read on and pick the wallet that would say more about you than words ever could.





Wallets and their Personalities


A Drawing in blue ink of a leather long wallet - The Bicyclist

The Traditional Long Wallet: 

Unlike their slimmer counterparts, long wallets project an air or meticulous order. From bills tucked away neatly into compartments to receipts filed chronologically. The Long Wallets are ideal for people who prefer to carry a lot in their wallets. Multiple Credit Cards, Loyalty program cards, and business receipts need to be kept track of. The space and organized pockets of a long wallet become a trusted companion and project the organized and methodical personality of its user. 





Open View Drawing of a leather trifold wallet in blue ink

A Trifold Wallet: 

Order and Clear boundaries are essential personality components for those who like to carry a trifold wallet. They appreciate a system that keeps everything in its place and finds comfort in the familiarity of a traditional design. The hidden compartments of a Trifold Wallet also suggest a touch of sentimentality through unexpected keepsakes. Those who navigate the modern world with a touch of nostalgia that bridges the gap between the traditional and the present. 





Open View of a standing Leather Bifold wallet in Tan from The Bicyclist with a coin pouch and three card slots

A Handcrafted Bifold Leather Wallet with a Coin Pouch: The Bicyclist


Classic Bifold Wallet with a Coin Pouch: 

In the modern day of online payments, though the coin pouch doesn't have as much of a practical use, the person who uses a bifold wallet with a coin pouch hints at a touch of being resourceful and adaptable to different situations.

A Collection of Leather Bifold Wallets - The Bicyclist


It shows a fondness for sentimentality as he might have a favorite coin, a few photographs, or even a guitar strum hidden in that coin pouch.






A pair of The Bicyclists Bifold Leather card wallets with six card slots one open and the other shut

A Classic Black Bifold Card Wallet - The Bicyclist


Slim Bifold Card Wallet: 

An efficient, clean, and functional design for a wallet, it portrays the identity of someone who prioritizes functionality but also favors the elegance of a traditional form. They are likely adaptable and prefer to avoid clutter and unnecessary bulk whenever they can. It directs to a personality that is direct, and practical and values efficiency and a clean aesthetic in all aspects of life.






Pair of Bifold Card Wallet from The Bicyclist in Maroon Leather one on top of the other

A Slim Minimalist Card Wallet in Maroon - The Bicyclist


Minimalist Card Wallet: 

An epitome of intentional living, it is a statement piece for the minimalist who prioritizes functionality and freedom that comes from carrying only the essentials.

A pair of Card wallet with flap from The Bicyclist in Black full grain leather and a metal snap button
A Modern Leather Handmade Card Wallet with Flap Closure in Black
- The Bicyclist

Someone who likes to carry a Card Wallet says they ensure each item serves a clear purpose and they find satisfaction in a streamlined system that minimizes unnecessary weight. It is a testament to their commitment to living a streamlined and intentional life.






Diagonal image of Three rows of Leather Card Cases in Multiple colors from The Bicyclist

A Collection of Handmade Leather Card Cases - The Bicyclist


A Modern Card Case: 

Catering to the modern tech-savvy individual who can easily get by with a few currency notes. They know how to be efficient with less and use it to their advantage.

Multiple Tan Full Grain Leather Card Cases from The Bicyclist arranged alternately

Handcrafted Leather Card and Coin Case in Tan - The Bicyclist 

A streamlined statement piece for the person who is always on the go. They know exactly what is needed and they carry just that with themselves. They fully embrace the convenience of a card-centric world in their everyday life.





Money Clip: 

A simple and unobtrusive way to carry cash and just a few essentials is a symbol for someone who prioritizes practicality over frills. valuing unburdened living and keeping things light. They truly embody the philosophy of identifying and understanding what is truly essential. They can fully rely on digital solutions to navigate the world. While holding on to the cash for emergencies and rare occasions only. They value simplicity and their money clip is a reminder that sometimes, less is truly more.

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