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4 Simple Tips For Buying a Leather Handbag.

1) Invest in a timeless piece not a fad.

2) Choose a bag based on your requirements.

3) Pick a handbag that suits your personal style.

4) Figure out the cost per use of a handbag.


Importance of a Handbag.

A handbag is an object of beauty and an extension of your personality, always an enticing accessory to carry around. You can be bold, subtle, leisurely, active, casual, professional, you can be whoever you want to be with the right kind of wardrobe and a bag. However, with so many brands and designs out there to woo you, you should be aware of what to consider when buying a handbag.  

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Stepping out in a fabulous dress, you don't want to be seen with a shoddy looking bag with ripped seams and scuffed rexine or pleather. It simply steals your elegance away. There is also no sense in spending your hard-earned money on something unreliable. Though trendy, a bag that lasts barely lasts six to eight months, only to fall apart and leave you high and dry when you need it the most makes no sense. Consider this post as a handbag buying guide when you're planning your next purchase. 


Classic Design vs Trendy Fashion.

Investing in a timeless piece or buying a fad.

Investing in a well-crafted, chic designer handbag that will last you season after season makes for a much better investment. Buying a quality leather handbag may be expensive but it also shows a sense of refinement and a part of your personality that says you are aware and you care. A good designer handbag is not something made out of a fancy or a sack with straps thrown over the shoulders. There is a process of intent, thought, research, planning, sampling, testing and experience that goes into the making of a bag. A designer and a craftsman put in hours sitting and brooding over a piece of paper or working with leather to make a bag comfortable, functional and dependable. A classic leather bag or purse usually has a clean, minimal style with a sturdy form whereas trendy purses often have more embellishments (fringes, buttons, large hardware) and are usually flimsy.


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Invest Tastefully not on a Fancy

How dose your purchase fit your requirements?

When you are searching for that perfect handbag it is important to know what to look for in a bag. How you plan to use it? Is it going to be for a special occasion like an evening clutch bag, small shoulder bag or do you plan to use it every day as a work bag, a laptop bag, or a tote purse? Are you buying it because it's the hottest new thing or does it hold long term value? A friend of mine told me about this relatively expensive burlap leather beach bag she bought a couple of years ago, but now, it just sits in her wardrobe. Neither does she stay anywhere near the sea nor does she get a chance to go on seaside vacations as her family has a home in the mountains. 

Depending on the use, it should also fit your essentials comfortably. You should be able to reach out and grab what you are looking for easily. It completely defeats the purpose if you are going to be fumbling around right when you need something. Security is also a big part of a bag. If you keep moving around the city or find yourself around a lot of people, investing in a bag with a secure flap with a smooth zip pocket with easy access is a wise decision. 


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What handbag should I buy?

Stylish bags and personal style fit.

Change is a part of life, we evolve physically, emotionally, mentally which also affects our sense of style. Be aware of these changes not only for your personal growth but also for sensible investments. What represents who you are at the moment and what is it that would always remain consistent? What is your inherent nature? What part of your personality would you like to share with the world? Look at the color and overall design of the bag you plan to purchase. A black crossbody bag or a brown leather bag works well with most color pallets. Ask yourself, will it complement the colors you wear. If a bag doesn’t go well with your wardrobe or style you’ll find yourself spending more cash on a new wardrobe to match it, or worse yet, hardly use it. Going with something overly adventurous can be fun, but when you are investing in a designer handmade bag, make sure it's a long-term investment. 


"Fashion you can buy, but style you possess, the key to style is learning who you are"- Iris Apfel


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Money is important honey.

How to find the Cost per Use?

Last but not least, the price. All of us don't have the luxury to keep buying over and over till we find the right fit. Having said that, it's not rocket science either. 

Once you have made your selection, divide the price of the item by the number of times you think you will use it and there you have it. The actual cost of the bag every time you take it out. 

Not surprisingly, the cost per wear for a well-crafted bag will be less than an inexpensive poorly made, due to the quality and durability. You buy it once and you won't have to get a new one every few months. Though expensive, a well-crafted bag will last you much longer. Not to mention classics never go out of fashion.


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This might seem a tad bit tedious, but the joy and pride of owning a well made luxurious handbag are worth the time you put into making that decision. Honesty is at the core of what we do, and even if you don't choose our designs, we wouldn't want you to get swindled. Quality of construction is also an important aspect that you should be aware of. Check out our post on how to identify a well-made handbag. 

Shop consciously and always buy the best quality. 

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