Belle – Box Sling Bag

When she lifts her brush, the world comes back alive, I live in my paint she says, life is better there she sighs. These impressions of her being alive is the only way she knows how, and they stand resolute, to her magical life. She is Belle, Inspired by the female artist, Belle is simple, Belle is elegant, Belle cannot be ignored. Belle is a box sling bag made to carry your essentials for a long day or a late night. We have designed her to have a lot of volume so that you are not restricted by space but have the freedom to move around comfortably through the adventures of life. She is made with full grain vegetable tanned leather that has a characterful texture which makes every bag a unique character and identity.
Weight: 480 gm
Dimension: 23.5 cm X 7 cm X 16 cm.
Material: Full grain Vegetable tanned leather crunch + metal fittings with blue suede lining

Emerald Green Luna – Box Sling Bag

Under the starlit sky, its reflection on the crystal water. In thoughts floating through the sands of time, among the mountains & soothing breeze, Luna was born. She is made with a beautiful tan, to hang by your shoulder with the strongest straps by your side.  Luna has been designed as a travellers box sling bag, you carry a book, a sketchbook, pencils, camera,  wallet & a lot more and whatever you need when you are out exploring the summer streets of an old village or a lost city. She has been made with full-grain leather that is the strongest part of the leather and internally lined with blue Italian suede to be a bag that you can create beautiful memories with.  When developing the design the of Luna we wanted the construction to be as simple and clear as possible. Which is why the whole bag has been cut out of a single panel. The whole bag has been kept in place using thick harness leather in a beautiful contrast of light cream.
Weight: 520 gm
Dimension: 24 cm X 9 cm X 17 cm.
Material: Dark Nu-buck leather + metal fittings with blue suede lining

Minerva – A Waist Bag

A pouch for all things small & precious in life so that they don’t get lost in the clutter of our days. It has been designed with simplicity and freedom of use in mind. Minerva can be a clutch, a sling bag, a fanny pack, or just a bag full of memories. She is handcrafted with genuine leather that makes her timeless in your hands ever-after. She is made with full-grain leather on the outside and lined with a soft sheep skin in peach. Minerva is a compact and comfortable bag for your evening adventures.
Weight: 165 gm
Dimension: 20 cm X 4 cm X 10.5 cm

Sophie- sling bag

In her heart, Sophie loves to jump from one petal to the other, play with the bees and fly with the butterflies, lost in the memories of the future she is a dreamer, a procrastinator. Sophie is a side sling who will help you be light and get lost in dreams. She is a simple and enduring form of a sling bag, we have designed her to be compact with enough space for all your daily requirements. She is made with full-grain leather that has been tanned using natural tannins, internally we have lined her with deep blue Italian suede and stitching is done with nylon threads.
Dimension: 21.5 cm X 17 cm X 3 cm Material: Vegetable tanned full-grain Tan coloured leather + metal lock and fittings

Zoe – Utility Pouch | Sling Bag

Zoe has been made to follow you through the unknown lanes of invisible cities, to strangers and hear forgotten tales, to love life and to live it. We have designed Zoe as a unisex pouch which can be carried with a shoulder sling or in your hand. Zoe was made to be the perfect sling bag for all your cycling adventures. Made with full grain crunch leather, which has a beautiful texture on its surface, internally it has been lined with deep blue Italian suede of the best quality. The bag has been hand stitched with thick nylon thread that has been dipped in wax to give the best quality.
Weight: 300gms
Dimensions: 24cms x 16 cms x 2cms
Material: Fullgrain buffalo crunch Leather + Brass & Copper Fittings