Mr Blue-15 inch laptop carrier


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Mr Blue. if you are called blue, you don’t need or have to be blue. 
You can be red, you can live as brown or even olive. 
Be anything, just don’t be colourless. 

Mr Blue is a slim, functional & minimal 15 in laptop carrier. It can hold a charger, 
papers & notes and all the essentials, we have designed Mr Blue to be a minimal 
and elegant laptop carrier to keep the weight on your shoulders light and give you
more freedom to move around. This laptop bag is lined internally with a soft brown
felt & made with full grain leather, it has two pockets for your accessories and 
one big pocket for your papers or mobile devices. 

 Weight: 780 gm 
Dimensions: 38.1cms X 7.6cms X 29.21cms 
Material: Vegetable Tanned, with light brown felt linening on the inside.

Additional information

Weight 780 g
Dimensions 41 × 7.5 × 27 cm


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