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Manu – A Leather Backpack

A backpack is a comfortable & secure way to carry your belongings.  But it’s not always possible to walk into a professional place with one, so we have designed Manu. An all leather strong and longlasting backpack that you can carry your workstation and papers into your meetings as easily as on a weekend trip, you can also expand Manu to carry clothes & other  essentials for a weekend away trip through an airport or into that adventure or that long desired expedition. Manu is made with Nubuck leather, a nubuck is a form of full-grain leather that is the topmost and the strongest part of the leather and it has been sanded with a fine sandpaper that gives it a soft velvet type texture and feels to it.
Weight: 1200 gm
Dimension: 31.5 cm X 45 cm X 12.5 cm
Material: Dark Blue Nubuck leather + brass bolt closure and metal fittings with brown felt lining.