Bono – leather laptop satchel

Bono is a satchel for the urban nomad, a beautiful note in the rhythm of the city. We have made with Naturally Dry Milled leather & internally lined it with brown felt.  This is a functional utility carrier for your 15-inch laptop or iPad pro along with a few books, there are pockets for sketchbooks, pencils & stationery all that is needed for your workday can fit in this bag comfortably. We have also given strong twist locks to keep the flap securely closed when you are out navigating the lanes and crowd of the city.
Weight: 750 gm
Dimension: 35 cm X 23.5 cm X 5 cm
Material: Full grain Vegetable Tanned leather + metal fittings & brass bolt closure with a brown felt lining.

Manu – A Leather Backpack

A backpack is a comfortable & secure way to carry your belongings.  But it’s not always possible to walk into a professional place with one, so we have designed Manu. An all leather strong and longlasting backpack that you can carry your workstation and papers into your meetings as easily as on a weekend trip, you can also expand Manu to carry clothes & other  essentials for a weekend away trip through an airport or into that adventure or that long desired expedition. Manu is made with Nubuck leather, a nubuck is a form of full-grain leather that is the topmost and the strongest part of the leather and it has been sanded with a fine sandpaper that gives it a soft velvet type texture and feels to it.
Weight: 1200 gm
Dimension: 31.5 cm X 45 cm X 12.5 cm
Material: Dark Blue Nubuck leather + brass bolt closure and metal fittings with brown felt lining.

Mr Blue-15 inch laptop carrier

Mr Blue. if you are called blue, you don’t need or have to be blue. You can be red, you can live as brown or even olive.  Be anything, just don’t be colourless.  Mr Blue is a slim, functional & minimal 15 in laptop carrier. It can hold a charger, papers & notes and all the essentials, we have designed Mr Blue to be a minimal and elegant laptop carrier to keep the weight on your shoulders light and give you more freedom to move around. This laptop bag is lined internally with a soft brown felt & made with full grain leather, it has two pockets for your accessories and one big pocket for your papers or mobile devices.
Weight: 780 gm
Dimensions: 38.1cms X 7.6cms X 29.21cms
Material: Fullgrain buffalo leather, with light brown felt linening on the inside.

Zaira – Leather and Canvas Tote

Genuine leather and canvas tote designed for the working person. This Tote has been made with 100% cotton canvas and full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. On the inside, the tote has been lined with soft felt that gives a comfortable and cosy feel when you reach out for your things. The main compartment is secured with a zip that won’t let any of your valuables exposed, there is also a partition for your 15inch laptop and three other pockets so that all of your souvenirs are well secured. Zaira: A light, minimal, stylish canvas and leather bag,
Weight: 600gms
Dimensions: Length-90cm width-32cm depth-9cm.