A5 Leather Notebook Case

This Notebook case should be used to record the impressions of a storyteller wandering through  consciousness riding on the back of a Chimera. Made with a genuine full grain vegetable tanned leather crunch that has a beautiful texture on top that makes each and every piece unique & internally it has been lined with deep blue Italian suede. It can hold an A5 notebook, a pencil | pen, visiting cards, & papers.  Everything needed for a workday. Along with this notebook case, we also give a beautiful handbound A5 notebook which can be replaced once its over and a classic yellow pencil.
Weight: 300gm
Dimensions: 15.2 cms x 21.6 cms x 1.5 cms
Material: Vegetable Tanned crushed leather with brass & copper fittings

Card Case

This Card Case is a simple organizational tool for all your cards. Made with vegetable tanned leather, 2 millimetres thick. As a totem, this card case has the potential to become a part of your personality.
Weight: 75 gm
Dimensions: 10 cms x 6.3 cms X 1.9 cms
Material: Fungrain buffalo leather in tan colour.

Leather Bifold Wallet

This is a simple & functional wallet, designed to age gracefully with you. In time, the straight panels will mould into that perfect curve, inside, the card slots will get a soft sheen polished by your touch & a gentle contour will emerge along the cards with time & use. That is the beauty of leather. This wallet is made with vegetable tanned fullgrain semi harness leather and lined internally with deep blue Italian suede and nylon thread for stitching. We have designed this wallet to endure through and age with beauty and elegance, that is found in so few.
Weight: 65 gm
Dimension: 23 cm X 0.8 cm X 9 cm
Material: Vegetable tanned leather with Italian Suede lining.

Lisa- Bifold Travel Wallet

Lisa is a bifold wallet. Its been designed to keep your daily valuables safe, but it’s also been created to securely keep your love letter, to hold that perfect picture with your friends and family, to enfold the most valuable of your memorabilia, because memories are by chance, some things are not meant to be bought. Lisa is made with fullgrain vegetable tanned buffalo leather on the outside and internally she is lined with deep blue Italian suede and stitched with nylon thread.
Weight: 225 gm
Dimensions: 18cms X 12cms X 2.3cms
Material: Fullgrain buffalo leather, with blue Italian suede linening and a brass knob.

Spectacle Case

Our spectacle case is designed to complement your lifestyle with quality and a modern elegance, an object to build a relationship with. Handcrafted with genuine leather we have designed this spectacle case to be a faithful companion for your eyewear. We have used a strong magnetic closure to keep your contents secure and safe. And for the internal linening we have used beautiful blue Italian suede.
Weight: 150 gm
Dimensions: 16.5 cm X 3.8 cm X 6.3 cm
Material: fullgrain bullalo crunch leather.


Stationery Pouch

We have made this stationery pouch for your favourite stationery, it is lined with a soft blue suede so that your stationery can be secure in a warm cosy case. Made with vegetable tanned leather and sealed with metallic studs making it a sturdy and long-lasting companion.
Weight: 175 gm
Dimensions: 6.3 cms X 20.3 cms X  1.9 cms
Material: Vegetable tanned tan leather + brass fittings